Silk Road

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- Musky -

The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that connected the East and West, the arteries along which people, goods, ideas, culture, religions, and many other things flowed.

Silk Road, a musky blend, will take you on a journey within you, one with no beginning and no end, grounding you in the here and now.

This candle comes in a hand-blown glass vessel which can be repurposed once you have finished burning. 

Head Notes: Tobacco, Neroli
Heart Notes: Pine
Base Notes: Teak
Size: 8 oz. candle (bougie de 8 oz.)
Burn Time: 40-hour burn (durée de 40 heures)

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Pine Ingredient
offers invigorating effects and relieves mental and physical fatigue
Lemongrass Ingredient
a soothing oil, alleviates symptoms of anxiety
Lemongrass Ingredient
provides relies from mental stress and emotional disturbance